Nambu Mix

Today we present the next chapter of Lost & Found. Someday we will be back to hosting parties but until then we decided to push our selves into making mixes. Eldridge st. was the street Sammybe used to live. and at that apartment, we started Lost & Found together. That’s how we named our first mix. Since this mix is recorded in Seoul Korea, we decided to name it after the street that I live in. After the mix was finished, I sent it over to Dahahm. He listened to it for few days, then created this beautiful cover art. Googly eye ring from Lost & Found’s last party somehow made it to Dahahm’s photo shoot in Berlin! Thanks sammybe, raffie mama, and dahahm for supporting my transition into new life and making this mix. This mix is for you guys. ?&!

Scratch movie documentary

I remember watching this documentary over and over during my high school years getting obsessed with turntablism scene. I first bought turntables because I wanted to be a scratch dj…it’s a good thing that I found house music at the end but I still adore the culture of scratching. a must see.